Canopy, A Leadership Program in Small-Scale Agriculture

Art direction, Graphic Design, Illustration and Web Design for Canopy, an initiative crafted by Jean-Martin Fortier, a world-renowned expert in organic farming.  

The entire program platform is inspired by the idea of a research center, where innovation is driven by people, knowledge is shared, and, ultimately, the ecosystem is protected.

A complete set of icons and interactive, thoughtful graphics have been added to the brand elements to enrich the content and inspire dialogue.

The icon was drawn from an image of an actual canopy and then simplified to become a symbolic representation connected to the program's name.

As for the logo, the upper serifs are elongated to create a protective effect, reminiscent of the canopy formed by tree tops. The lower serifs are elongated to mimic the ground and its vegetation. In the center, the ecosystem benefits from this protection and nourishment.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Type Design
Web Design

Eren Kapaklili, motion design (icon)
Philippe C. Gariépy, motion design (graphics)

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