The Losers - A manifesto of failure

In 2017, I started thinking about the amount of work that ends up in the design graveyard of every project—the hours invested in things that remain unseen by anyone except the clients. These V1s and V2s which are part of a larger collection of V8s. Then I wondered, how can I repurpose this content, deconstruct it, and transform it into something entirely new?

I've had this idea for so long [yet never initiated anything because procrastination and ADHD are such a powerful couple], rendering it intangible and unreal. Despite not fully understanding what it is yet, I believe it holds potential.

It stands as a manifesto of failure—a celebration of all the custom typefaces and ideas, unloved and discarded over the years, that went straight to the bin. I recycle them into creations that fully embrace the concept of failure. I call them: The Losers.

With good merch, and sad copywriting, who wouldn’t want to litteraly wear failure?

For every custom typeface that used to be an unchosen custom logo, I ended up having a ton of unused fonts that died on my hard drive. I decided to use them and craft my own copywriting, which embodies the loser in each of us.

Should I start a collection?

An interesting introspection into my rave years. 18 raves within 2 years. Drugs was slowly sabotaging my brain cells, while the only thing that matter at that time was love, friendship and music. 

I enjoyed that part of my life [2000’s] so so much, no regrets here. But I should have done something creative with all the collected goodies over time.

Should I have made a zine? Maybe.
Is it too late? Yes.
Did I procrastinate? Of course.
Am I a loser? Indeed I am.


Just a clever illustration for a non-alcoholic beer.

A smart way to illustrate something strong and something soft, bonded together. 

On the Drinker's perspective (Truth) when the person is actively drinking from the can (as the can goes up), they see a bunny. On the Observer's perspective (Perception), when the can is sitting straight, people observing it see a tiger.

Tiger or bunny? Just flip it.
It was brilliant but the client disappeared before the first presentation.

Should I do a print?

My life is an infinite to-do list of ideas and projects that will never see the light of day. Nothing to steal here.

Stay Tuned for More Failures

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