CANOPY is an advanced certification retreat designed to best prepare the next generation of farm advocates, consultants, and educators by equipping them with the skills needed to help others successfully manage small-scale farms.

Art direction, Graphic Design, Illustration and Web Design for Canopy, an initiative crafted by Jean-Martin Fortier, a world-renowned expert in organic farming. 

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A harsh, unrelenting, severe, wild, unpredictable, chaotic, exciting, adrenaline-inducing, dangerous, physically exhausting water environment becomes a driving force that shapes experienced anglers' dedication. The most advanced precision deep-sea fishing reel, eagerly anticipated, will soon hit the market.

Type Design, Visual Identity and much more for Tamworth Reels.

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Time, in this context, encompasses everything—life, death, mourning, memories, the future, light, darkness, waiting, rhythm. It is cyclical, fleeting, slow, fast, calculated, and sometimes seemingly non-existent. There's a certain poetry we aim to celebrate in this profound theme—a poetry that at times eludes us, liberates us, and inhabits us.

Viewed through a colorful lens, Time also embodies an energy, a radiation with a broad spectrum of creative, conceptual, and surprising possibilities.

Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design and Type Design for La somme des êtres aimés [The sum of loved ones], the sixth album of Alexandre Poulin. 

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Art Direction and design for SuperSansPlomb, an identity for CBD/THC drops. Festive Fuel™  is the mantra for this fun brand that embraces happiness, chilling and pop culture. Like the universal saying says “For relaxing times, make it SuperSansPlomb time.”

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Type Design and Editorial design for Sarah-Maude Beauchesne’s book. A touching reflection and an important speech on women's decision to have a child or not.

Type Design and Editorial design for Sarah-Maude Beauchesne’s latest and most personal book, Faire la romance. A touching reflection and an important speech on women's decision to have a child or not. 

The editorial design is intimate, simple and elegant, akin to a personal journal brimming with profound thoughts and insightful introspection.

The intricately crafted letters of this custom typeface named Romance, embody a distinctly feminine essence. Drawing inspiration from the symbolism of a garden, metaphorically representing the uterus, each character blooms with a delicate, floral interpretation.

A female perspective of Faire la romance [Practicing Romance].

Motion Design: Felix Arsenault

Type Design and Visual Identity for Delaroza. A female duo of lawyers and agents who represent creatives for the art and entertainment industries.

Type Design and Visual Identity for Delaroza. Inspired by their aliance as a female duo and the symmetry of their approach, Dela (Maude-Isabelle Delagrave) and Roza (Gabriella Rozankovic) are firmly connected. A perfect and agile union, between expertise, youth, wisdom and passion.

Creative Direction & Set Design for Cidrerie Cassine and its various annual cider launches. Photoshoots were inspired by the cider names and recipes to create a conceptual and impactful visual. 

Photography: Vincent Castonguay

Each photoshoot has been meticulously created through a cohesive lens to unify the brand image and amplify its recognition. Produced with a low budget and high creativity, Cassine's social media had an amazing response for each launch.


Visual Identity for Future Romance, a CGI driven creative studio born out of a deep passion for technology, design, and craftsmanship. Future Romance produce high end computer generated imagery for brands and studios. 

3D Artist: Hugo Boesch


Etiam venenatis gravida.
Type Design, Visual identity and Illustration proposition (not selected) for Chiennes de vies, a personalized canine training and behavior service offered in Montreal. 

Photography: Laetitia Combebias

Tails everywhere!
The founder Laetitia Combebias had a unique creative vision that convey authenticity and a friendly approach, while also aspiring trust and professionalism. 

The brand is playing a fair balance between a custom elegant serif font and funny typographic details, which represents dog tails: a significant behavior communicator between the dog and the instructor.

©Walt Disney

Type Design, Visual Identity and Illustrations for the new kid in town: Beau Temps, located in the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal, Canada. Whether it’s for a quick lunch or a slightly more elaborate meal paired with a good bottle of wine, the restaurant is part of the daily lives of its customers, workers and neighbours.

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©Walt Disney

Naming, Type Design and Visual Identity of MAS, handcrafted leather bags designed in Canada & handmade in Italy, for the conscious, humble and ambitious woman of today.

Naming, Type Design and Visual Identity of MAS, handcrafted bags designed in Canada & handmade in Italy. The founder and designer Marie-Philippe Thibault’s desire and vision, was to create a collection for the conscious, humble and ambitious woman of today. The brand was designed to aspire deep vows for meticulous quality, understated elegance and vintage refinement.

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MAS is rooted in what Marie-Philippe loves the most, family. And family stands for home; a home, a maison. mas intertwines Canada-born elements like walnut wood and leather sourced from a small family-owned tannery in France with Florence-based traditional artisans, evoking a quintessential love for lasting, quiet, nonchalant luxe.

Type Design, Visual Identity and Illustration for Parasol (Beau Temps summer’s back alley project). Inspired by Maine’s Lobster Shacks by the sea, Parasol is located in the back alley of Beau Temps restaurant. Open only during the summer and mainly offering takeout or limited eat-in options at the few available tables outside, Parasol serves the best lobster dishes in town.

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The human dichotomy encapsulates both the most luminous and the most vile aspects simultaneously, navigating an unknown territory between base instincts and ancient souls. Here, everything delineates and defines us, revealing our true nature in its profound essence. It's a no man’s land that both separates and unites us along the delicate thread of time, which weaves, bends, and knots itself within the heart of the jungle we call Human Nature.

Concept, Art Direction, Type Design and Graphic Design for Nature humaine [Human Nature], the fifth album of Alexandre Poulin. 

3D Artist: Jean-Michel Simard

This custom typeface named Contrebande, is an abstract interpretation of the strength of nature and the boldness of humanity. It also serves as a contrast in front of the fragility of everything, witch embodies the main theme of Nature humaine.

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