Super Sans Plomb
Fuel Festif

Creative Direction, Brand Identity and Packaging for 
Super Sans Plomb, a special blend of CBD/THC drops. 

Drawing inspiration from the product's texture and density, the logo features a custom oil-inspired typography. With trippy letters, rounded edges, and peculiar shapes, each element is meticulously designed, embodying the unique journey that Super Sans Plomb delivers.

The duo-tone packaging showcases a vibrant green and deep black, symbolizing the perfect balance between energy and sobriety. An elegant and simple dropper bottle further enhances the credibility of the product.

Super Sans Plomb is borrowing and customizing the utmost treasures from the Internet for its own brand image and marketing. Sorry not sorry.

Social content with visuals that embrace happiness, nostalgia and pop culture, with a hint of humour.


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Type Design
Social Content

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