Parasol, Lobster Shack (& Crab Shack)

Art direction, Graphic Design, Illustration and Type Design for Parasol—Beau Temps restaurant summer’s project.

Inspired by Maine’s Lobster Shacks by the sea, Parasol is located in the back alley of Beau Temps restaurant. Open only during the summer and mainly offering takeout or limited eat-in options at the few available tables outside, Parasol serves the best lobster dishes in town.

The creative direction aimed to position Parasol as a sister brand to Beau Temps, employing the same custom type for the logo to create relatability between the two.

Illustration of a charming lobster mascot which is taking over the whole graphic plateform as an ambassador for the brand. 

Illustration of a charming lobster mascot, which is taking over the entire graphic platform, and also serves as an ambassador for the brand.


The custom quirky typography employed for the logo is also used in the communication platform, such as headlines for social posts.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Type Design
Web Design

Mickaël A. Bandassak, food photography
Bang Bang, merch printing

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